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22 December 2008 @ 10:39 pm
I hope this is the last fangirl-y post that I post, but it probably won't. But lately, there have been a lot of unhappy thoughts going on. I have been thoroughly disappointed in my drama-ing ventures. And no better place to post about this than to post this on my beloved livejournal! But, warning, this may be a really long post. Just so you know.

Issue #1: Utter disgust for East of Eden.

Yeah, so much for thinking it would be worthwhile. Lately, the content of this drama has been going downhill. Okay, you probably won't know what I'm talking about, but basically all the secrets are out of the bag. But the unfortunate thing is that the good actors and actresses are getting little to no screen time. Instead, we are left savoring the lame love story between Lee Yeonhee's character and Song Seungheon's character. The lame love story that isn't even supposed to be the main love story. Which leads to issue #2.

Issue #2: Utter disgust for MBC and the East of Eden staff. Sad that Lee Dahae is quitting.

Yes, Lee Dahae, who is supposed to be the lead, is quitting. And, probably, for good reason. She is supposed to be the lead, but she has had the least amount of character development. She's had little screen time, and her script is full of uncharacteristic things. Plus, the fact that she's not understanding the character and her being upset about all this is deteriorating her health. So she's left. And there goes my favorite character. So much for being in the main love triangle that serves to break the deteriorating brother relationship. And so I am quitting probably at episode 40, where her character exits the scene. I don't care about Lee Yeonhee and Song Seungheon.

People criticize her for being unprofessional, but honestly, MBC promised that she would be the lead. YEAH RIGHT. MBC is such a loser. It reminds me of On Air, where you're exposed to what happens with the scriptwriters. If SM is behind this... Lee Sooman better watch out. To be honest, Lee Yeonhee isn't that great of an actress. I mean, she's not completely incompetent, but every time she acts, it's like rolling a die. She's got 5% of hammering the scene and 95% of just passing mediocre.

Issue #3: Utter disgust for the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango.

We don't need another HYD screw-up, really. Okay, so perhaps issue #3 might be a preliminary prediction (it might turn out to be awesome), but I have a gut feeling that my prediction will come true. Watch the preview on YouTube. It channels Meteor Garden on so many levels. There are, seriously, some scenes where I feel like they ripped right off of Meteor Garden. And why is it so serious? The dramatic violin music, oh my goodness. Spare me. It'll probably be lame. Speaking of lame, let us lead into issue #4.

Issue #4: Utter disgust for Taiwanese versions of manga. All of them.

Let us not mention the embarrasing TW Hana Kimi. It was disgusting. It made you barf. Ella is too manly to look like a girl pretending to be a guy. Not to mention she can't tell the difference between clowning and acting. And by clowning I mean acting like a stupid idiot and exaggerating every single thing possible. Let us also not mention It Started With A Kiss, which was also embarrassingly stupid and disgusting. And to top it all off, they're making a TW version of Skip Beat. With Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin. Now Jerry Yan's looks, I have no objections. But he doesn't fit Tsugura Ren. Ren is a freaking model. Not like a muscle man that Jerry looks. Ren is elegant and cool. Not really Jerry's look either. And Ariel. Oh God. Spare us again. Speaking of Skip Beat, let us lead into issue #5.

Issue #5: Utter disgust for filler chapters in manga.

What the eff. The last like ten chapters of Skip Beat, which updates painfully slow, have been filler chapters. It takes the author forever to say one thing. And seriously. It takes the author like 10 pages to say one sentence. One word per page. Seriously. And Ouran, too. Though those filler chapters are more amusing and funnier. But seriously. I AM SICK OF FILLERS.

Utter disgust. Seriously.

End rant.
20 December 2008 @ 09:35 pm
So I figure that if I use my livejournal to rant about whatever is on my head, I might as well use it as some sort of memory thing to help me remember things. And yes, this post will just be a lame post for helping me remember. And yes, I lied about promising to do a post about college applications because now that I've gotten into college (AND INTO MIT FOR GOD'S SAKE), a thing called procrastination sort of started to kick in.

So, to remind me. This will be my first list. On dramas/movies/manga/whatever to read/watch/currently reading/watching.

ヴォイス  [Voice] (Upcoming) - -- / --
ラブシャッフル  [Love Shuffle] (Upcoming) - -- / --
オレンジデイズ  [Orange Days] - 11 / 11
ブラッディ・マンデイ [Bloody Monday] (Airing) - 0 / 11

에덴의동쪽 [East of Eden] (Airing) - 22 / 40 - Even though it's 50 episodes. But I'm quitting after LDH quits the scene.
크크섬의비밀 [Secret of Keukeu Island] - 18 (?) / 40
거침없이 하이킥 [Unstoppable High Kick] - 74 / 167 (+4 special)
김치 치즈 스마일 [Kimchi Cheese Smile] - 0 / 121
마지막 스캔들 [My Life's Last Scandal] - 0 / 16

Chinese / Taiwanese / HK
珠光寶氣 [Gem of Life] (Airing) - 39 / 82
溏心風暴之家好月圓  [Moonlight Resonance] - 2 / 40
畢打自己人 [Off Pedder] (Airing) - 20 / 260
仙剑奇侠传 3 [Chinese Paladin 3] (Upcoming) - -- / 38
王子看見二公主 [Prince Meets Second Princess] (Airing) - 1 / 13
敗犬女王 [My Queen] (Upcoming) - -- / --
命中注定我愛你 [Fated to Love You] - 18 (?) / 24

The Dark Knight (I know, LOL, I need to.)

スキップ・ビート! [Skip Beat]
桜蘭高校ホスト部 [Ouran High School Host Club]
スペシャル・エー [Special A]
高校デビュー [Koukou (High School) Debut]

Wow. My list right now is pretty lame. I will update it some time. But, any suggestions?
16 December 2008 @ 04:46 pm
So I really should be studying for finals, but yesterday was too exciting. In case you did not know...


Effing yes!

So exciting. ROFL. And, no, I am not BS-ing you because it is true. I read the letter like 29384273x yesterday online.

But, until later, tata! I need to make sure I don't fail all my finals so I get kicked out of MIT.
12 December 2008 @ 11:43 pm
I hadn't actually planned to post today. And wow, just look at the time. I should be stocking up on sleep by now. But, alas, I am not. Why? Because of this messaging conversation, which interrupted my intense studying period:

[23:18] him: i got in...
[23:30] me: to...
[23:30] him: stanford!!!!
[23:30] me: i thought you didn't apply there
[23:31] me: early
[23:31] him: i did
[23:31] me: ohh
[23:32] me: you'd beter not be bs-ing me
[23:32] him: lol
[23:33] him: I GOT IN!!!!!!!!
[23:33] him: HOLYS HIT!!!!
[23:33] me: LOL
[23:33] him: its just dawning on me
[23:33] him: that im totally lying
[23:33] him: i hate life
[23:33] me: .................
[23:33] me: what the hell

Now this is what I mean by mentally unstable. The next post shall be, I have decided, to be dedicated to college applications.

THREE MORE DAYS (ALMOST TWO) UNTIL MIT/UCHICAGO (PROBABLY). Seriously. UChicago needs to like tell us a date before we all tear out our hair. Nobody wants a school full of bald people.

AND TOMORROW I WILL FIND OUT ABOUT CALTECH. Exciting stuff. By the way, got into UIUC today. Exciting.

By the way, this "him" is not the aforementioned one. Just a clarification. Because seriously, I want to choke this kid now.
11 December 2008 @ 08:03 pm
I need to spice up my livejournal a little bit more. Yes, I realize that my posts have been getting a little bit more boring, little by little.

Therefore, why don't I ask you to give me a few suggestions on what to write about? Or why not, you could even ask me to work almost like a "dear abby" sort of thing. But not really. Just topics or what-not to discuss.


And last night I had a dream again (in which the aforementioned "him" was featured in this again. AGAIN.)


Till then, I will probably post crappy post or none at all. Bye bye, children.


You know what? I realized why I will probably never get over Nodame Cantabile (or Chiaki) ever.

Because I always listen to classical music. Which then leads to listening to classical music featured in Nodame. Which then leads me to think about Nodame. Which then leads me to wanting to watch Nodame (for the 500th time). And then... loop. I will do this all over again the next day.

So I guess I'll never get over Nodame until I stop listening to classical music (which will be never).