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07 June 2009 @ 02:25 pm
LJ Future & Dream Psychoanalysis.  
Okay, first of all, i need to figure out what is going on with my billion blogs. I have a blospot account, which is that link in the top left hand corner of this eljay, if you haven't noticed. I called it a&a because that's what I planned to name a mini fashion-stop thing with my friend - except that evidently is not happening anymore. So there goes that plan down the drain. So I decided to just make it a fashion blog - but that's difficult, because it takes a lot of my time. And now I don't know what to do with that blog.

I know I want to post the following, but how is the problem, so suggestions?:

1. personal reflections, as in this current eljay. I could repeat these personal reflections into another blog?
2. personal works, meaning doodles/drawings, graphics or whatever that I've created using my poor photoshopping skills. Oh, and works of writing, like short stories?
3. fashion? Or am I being delusional here, because that will take too much of my time?

How am I supposed to do this? What will become of this eljay? Will it just become the everything eljay in which I pretty much bombard you with everything I ever want to post about? This is a bit troublesome.

I've got to make this post short, since I'm going out job-hunting, with voicelessdreams or whatever her pseudonym is. Too lazy to look it up, and too pressed on time. But meanwhile, I feel like I should share this dream.

Last night, I had the absolute weirdest dream ever. Well, that would be a lie - I've had stranger dreams about mining lego blocks. Yeah, you read that correctly. But in last night's dream, I dreamt that I got married at least 4 times. As to how and why, I am not sure either. Is my subconscious just screwing with me? Or, or, would this actually happen in real life? Eh... highly doubt it. Anyway. Onto the story.

I start off the dream with having recently divorced. My last ex-husband was an MIT alum that I knew. And then, wandering around in the subway station after getting off from work, I run into this one guy, who I've known since 6th grade (who I will admit I did like during junior high). We catch up and he tells me that he's having marriage problems with his wife, a Princeton alum (he's going to Princeton this fall). They're on the verge of divorce. We exchange phone numbers or whatever, and then catch up occassionally. Then one day he calls me and tells me he's divorced with his wife.

There's a period of no explanation between the next event and between what I just told you - I think my subconscious is telling me to infer that things happened? But next thing I know it, he's proposed to me and we're going to get married. In fact, we are getting married, and I'm in my dress, he's in his tuxedo, and all of a sudden his ex-wife's relatives show up. For some reason, they are not convinced that they are divorced - no, they refuse to acknowledge the fact that the two have divorced. And so now I have to put up with the stupid relatives, who are doing all they can (with their obnoxious voices, and always shouting in Chinese too), to stop the marriage from going on. But in the end, his ex-wife shows up and shoos her relatives away, and we successfully get married. There's a period where I talk with his ex-wife and he's there too, and it's extremely awkward. But we get to exchange information about him (this is a little creepy).

Next thing I know, it seems like the next day, and for some reason I'm getting ready for another marriage? I know I said it seemed like the next day, but as to what happened between my marriage with Mr. Princeton is under question - my subconscious is not letting up on what the heck happened afterwards. And now, I'm getting married to none other than Rain. Yes, Rain, Korean star, Bi. Funny thing is, I never see him at all - except I see pictures of him. So we're getting ready for a reception party or something, and a Korean lady comes. I assume it's his relative. And somehow it turns into the Korean lady testing my piano skills. By the time this is over...

I move onto the next day. Or, so it seems. Whatever happened after the marriage is once again a mystery forever. And now I'm getting ready for an after-the-wedding party. This is really weird because the guy I'm getting married to is this one guy who's in a grade ahead of me, who I didn't know too well (and neither did I have a great impression of him). He's invited all of his friends, which include like 100 jocks and a billion other Asians from his college. I really only know like 5 people. One of the guests is even like running from jail or something. It's a little hectic. And for some reason, we are both wearing our high school graduation robes instead of like wedding gear. My dream ends when the police come after the guest who broke out of jail.

So what is this? What is the meaning of this dream? Notice that I only really get married, meaning I only witness the real marriage ceremony once. What does this mean? Will I get married four times (at least)? And I feel like the only person I actually really liked for real was the first guy mentioned in this dream (not the MIT alum). Please enlighten me.

Anyway. I have got to run now. Bye guys.
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➷ feona: 二宮 | freedombrilliantglow on June 7th, 2009 11:12 pm (UTC)
is 4 your favorite number? i doubt you'll get married 4 times. once is enough! but for whatever reason, these 4 popped up in your dream meaning you'll meet them in your next FOUR years in college (thus the number 4, just a hypothesis). this is really weird because i was at dinner yesterday at olive garden with someone who saw Rain at a YG Family concert and now you mention him as well. interesting...
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