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24 May 2009 @ 07:46 pm
12 Years of Public Schooling & Frictionally Unemployed.  
Sorry I haven't updated in a long time. It feels like a lot of things started muddling up and catching up with each other and I simply did not have enough time to go back to blogging. But it's been a long time and it feels good to be finally high school-free and, well, being frictionally unemployed and enjoying do-nothing moments at home, where I frequently watch 24 or whatever shows I want.

As for non-Econ types, I'm sorry if I have to put you through the Econ jargon. Frictionally unemployed is only one form of unemployment, in which the people are unemployed because they are unsatisfied with their current job. Speaking of Econ, I feel like taking Econ has increased my views on life and the world in general. You can describe almost anything in terms of marginal cost or marginal revenue, and possibly even supply and demand. It's got a universal application. Meanwhile, however, there are lots of people who pretend to know a thing or two about Econ but really don't: point and example? Our government.

Anyway. I graduated last Wednesday and realized that, hey, I'm not really friends with most of my senior class. And why is that? Quite honestly, I feel like not much of my senior class was very affable [I'm mostly friends with people that were in the class above mine, which is already in college, and those in a class below mine, like the juniors]. The Asian population was, well, full of people that seemed to think they knew a lot but in reality didn't - though I felt some of those "hard feelings" were reconciled when we all graduated. But the girls, especially. Oh my. Most of them were all caught in a desperate attempt to catch attention on themselves, be it in the form of unnecessary drama or mindless complaining, which I often had to listen to. Unfortunately.

Not that these things are negatives of public schooling in general - I feel like this problem would be magnified in private schooling, where the select few make more noise to make up for the smaller numbers of attendees. I mean, that also happens to be the good part about public schooling. You're able to hide in the numbers [I'm still not very sure why I was voted "Most likely to cure cancer," however; I'm not even going into Bio, for goodness sake!]. You can make yourself hidden in the crowds. And hey, you can choose classes to take in which you're usually stuck with the same crew - it means you don't have to deal with people in other crowds that you don't like.

And so, on Wednesday, my public schooling career has officially ended. And with that, I have accomplished none of the things that I had planned on doing, as mentioned in my previous post. So it's up to this summer, huh. Well, I can say that I have made "little progress" in these past few days - other than, well, lazing around and watching TV. But the summer is long and I'll grow bored. And I'll have to turn to those things.

Meanwhile, I also have to start looking for a job. It's especially difficult these days to find a decent job, since the unemployment rate, what, increased again? Yeah. But I'm looking for a job as a pianist in one of those nice hotels or nice restaurants. I wonder if they'll be looking for any. I, however, will refuse to work what I classify as "hard labor," which includes cashier-ing or busboy-ing or lugging around crates or anything [hence frictional unemployment].

I feel like I'm losing touch on blogging. Sorry for this short post and its lack of, well, continuity, I guess. Until later, guys.
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